This is a pretty controversial video right now, but I have for the past 6 months believed in Herman Cain and wished he was still running for president. Its also very easy for me to commend him for stepping back and trying to make a difference from the outside.. starting with us. The text below was copied and pasted from youtube.com

“The rabbit is fine but our current tax code is killing small business! The current tax code allows the Government to pick winners and losers by doling out favors and dividing the country with class warfare.

We’ve decided to take this “Sick of” campaign to the next level and actually let you participate in the making of future videos Go to http://sickofstimulus.com and tell us your idea for why you are tired of more federal debt, crazy deficits, wasteful government spending, and more! Go vote and share this with your friends!”

If 10% is good enough for God,
9% should be good enough for the federal government”
-Herman Cain
Please watch this video as well, explaining the 9-9-9 theory

Farmers for Cain




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