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Contest! Listen up ladies!

I have a Facebook contest going on. If you have a facebook page, come and like me.. you can do that from my facebook area down there on the right. Or just click here The person who refers the most people to me wins a set of custom made jewelry from me! Your colors, your ideas, all considered. You need to make sure they post on the page who sent them so I know who to give credit to.

MEN WELCOME! If you want a gift for your lady, this is the perfect way.

I have a separate blog contest that I am going to announce. If you absolutely do not use facebook, this ones for you!

What you have to do, is re-blog this post, and let the people know they need to comment on the re-blog, then re-blog or follow my blog. The person that refers the most to me will get a full set as well which includes earrings (studs, dangling, or plugs) a necklace, and a bracelet.

The contests end on June 30th so hurry and get your chance to start getting to it! I will also be creating an award tag for this- specifically to let others know that you won a set of custom jewelry!

Have fun ladies, and remember, it benefits us both!

Much love to you all



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