Guest Book!

Guest Book!

If you have dropped by, and don’t feel the need to comment on my posts, or just want to let me know you have stopped by, do so here! 

Great idea from H20!



  1. Wow… just ‘walking’ through your blog and find myself mentioned here in your guestbook… I’m honored and am very glad I can write your first comment in your guestbook! nice meeting you here and yes… I WAS HERE 😀 ~joanna

  2. Love your blog 🙂 Keep it up! Will be looking forwards to reading more from you..


  3. Hey Darling!

    I am so behind n blogging and blog reading it is getting pathetic. I have to pare down my list of blogs I follow so I can be more present in the ones that mean a lot to me, like yours. Just wanted to pop by to say I am thinking about you and that I love all the photos you have been posting. I’m still waiting on an email if you get the time cause I miss our chatting.
    I hope all is well and happy with you and yours.
    Tons of love,
    xoxoxo – S.
    P.S. Love the guest book idea!! 😀

    • You are so behind! Kidding. Anyways, I read your post yesterday, and its awesome to hear you and him are doing ok. I know the last time you were on it wasn’t too positive. I am glad you stopped by, I was beginning to wonder if you were really alright. I wanted to respond to your email when I have the chance to just sit there and type. Here at work I don’t really get much but 5-10 min spurts here and there and at home I have been so tired and besides that I just sit and make jewelry. I promise a response though! I haven’t forgotten! I am doing really well. The drama leaks away more and more everyday. Life is good!
      Much love back at ya!

  4. Love you!!

  5. Hey there, how do I get the photos to you? Do I just upload to my own page? I don’t see how to link…TY! XOXO

  6. Darling, I am not sure if you are still around, but I wanted to check in… I miss you dolly. Hope all is well.

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