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S. is AWESOME! <3 I've been awarded! Check it out!

Thanks so much to S. who has nominated me for tons of things! I am so glad I impress her this much, thank you S. you’re awesome and have made my blogging experience sooooo worth it! Let us keep inspiring each other for greater things! Much love to you special woman! ❤

1) Thank the person who gave you this award.

2) Include a link to their blog.
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3) Nominate 15 bloggers who cover an array of topics for the Versatile Blogger Award.

You want versatile… Check her out! She has so much different content–

For these nominations I would like to add on a couple of extras.. Here’s to you!






Thanks to all 15 of you for being so AWESOME and thanks again to S. for the nominations!



Exploration into wire jewelry!

I tried something new the other day, and I am quite pleased as to how it turned out! I am so excited to start all kinds of new ideas. Enjoy!

Please let me know what you think :/

Beautiful Blogger award <3



“In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the hand can inspire”

Whats better to come to work to on a Friday than some good ol’ fashioned appreciation! I am from the South where everyone waves as they drive past you.. blogging is not like that. Its not always easy to grip someone and inspire them to leave a permanent mark on your life. This guy is awesome! He is a wonderful artist, all of his pieces truly come from the heart. Such a caring person! Thank you again!

As always here are the rules of engagement :

Thank and Link-back to your nominator;

~Nominate 7, 6, or fewer (or more) other blogs that you enjoy to receive this award as well;

~Post a comment on each of your nominees blogs with a link to your page for the details;

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~And, continue blogging all your beautiful thoughts, suggestions, and musings. More readers are coming!

I wish I could just give this to all my followers, and all the blogs I follow…Please know that your work is appreciated by me, and all your works and efforts to share are highly appreciated by me.  We all are striving, and working as hard as we can.  Just by doing that we will achieve that in which we desire.

Here are my Nominees:

First of all, for all of her amazing photography from her iphone…  she truly inspires me! I love everyday seeing her posts of all of the amazing things in her world! It helps me keep going! She recommends awesome photography phone apps, and is just totally natural in what she does! Thanks Mala for hanging around my site! Its awesome having you!

Second, (hard tie to first) S., I know we haven’t talked much lately, but I know its because we don’t really have too much to say to one another, we already have such an understanding. BTW S. I don’t know how to write you the last part of my letter, I have been stuck on your response ever since I read it! You have amazing insight and to the world around us, and reading your response really lifted my spirits. Much love to you sassy woman! Hope you and C. are staying strong! Thank you for being my friend!

Third, Such an amazing site, love how she always stops by my blog and comments on the pretties! We have very similar style, and we are always fawning over beautiful things together! Thanks for being such a beautiful person!

Fourth on my list, but certainly not fourth on creativity, Self Portraiture Artist, and amazing personality. She is beautiful, her site is beautiful, and her thoughts are beautiful as well.

Lastly, a few on the run Amazing as always Beautiful art, amazing woman! And so nice! Of course! Her paintings are so amazing (she painted me one thats on order, and I will hopefully receive it this summer!) Go check her out!


Thanks again Nate for the awesome nomination! And thanks for allowing me to pass it on to some amazing people! I can’t wait to get to know you better!

Much love to you all!



Contest! Listen up ladies!

I have a Facebook contest going on. If you have a facebook page, come and like me.. you can do that from my facebook area down there on the right. Or just click here The person who refers the most people to me wins a set of custom made jewelry from me! Your colors, your ideas, all considered. You need to make sure they post on the page who sent them so I know who to give credit to.

MEN WELCOME! If you want a gift for your lady, this is the perfect way.

I have a separate blog contest that I am going to announce. If you absolutely do not use facebook, this ones for you!

What you have to do, is re-blog this post, and let the people know they need to comment on the re-blog, then re-blog or follow my blog. The person that refers the most to me will get a full set as well which includes earrings (studs, dangling, or plugs) a necklace, and a bracelet.

The contests end on June 30th so hurry and get your chance to start getting to it! I will also be creating an award tag for this- specifically to let others know that you won a set of custom jewelry!

Have fun ladies, and remember, it benefits us both!

Much love to you all



Jewelry madness


I’ve had a blast making jewelry lately.. I love it! New hobby for sure! I have tons of stuff to make still, I bought enough to last me a dang month! Lol I added a new piece last night, the mirror one. I especially like the last photo (which was taken purely out of fun) as it reflects the back of my phone (the tree with hearts) I will take another picture of it today when I get a chance! ❤









Jewelry making chaos!

I have only been able to photograph the slim few.. but here is a few others. The rosary is a matching set with one that my mom has, the earrings are made with some absolutely exquisite beads I picked up from Hobby Lobby and the tassel was an idea I had gotten from a jewelry making book my mom bought me for mothers day ❤ Enjoy!  (PS the cameo was put together in a flash, was the first one I ever put together. Made it from a pre-made chain and cameo piece. Just thought I would throw it out there as it still counts!

30 day challenge day twenty two

Day 22 – Choose a knitting pattern (or other hobby) that you will start before day 30.

In anticipation of this, I started something that I have found very therapeutic and soothing.. and a ton of fun. I started making Jewelry! So far, I have made.. wait let me count. So I started this the 30th of last month and it has become super addicting. Ok don’t quote me on this but I have made, by my calculations, 9 necklaces (one for my mom and a matching one for me) 6 bracelets and 12 pairs of earrings. This is all I can think of off the top of my head. I would love to post pictures of them all, until then, I have a 2 pictures of bracelets I made last night, its technically hand jewelry. I had seen a photo and wanted one so I made me a couple. The first one was super hard because of the way the beading was, and the second one looks better (in my opinion)

I will for sure be making more of these in the future! Love em!

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