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Gina 2

Gina 2



By Photography Kills

By Photography Kills

Had a great day yesterday!

For Jill, I hope you are ok! <3

Bloggin about stumbles! Weight loss schedule!

Check it out here! 

365 catch up

How I feel with certainty

I was inspired by a post on facebook made by my uncle Donnie. About what you see when you look in the mirror on a bad day, and what you see when you look in the mirror on a good day… and who the fuck told you that what you see in the mirror matters.

It does, we all know it. Just how we let it effect us is what separates us from them.


This is how I feel on a good day, or rather, what I see.


No good low down very bad day

I can’t ever find the time to post. Its pretty lame.

I want to take the computer and throw it out the window.. although it might not go through the window it will probably just bounce back in my face like some cruel joke on me!

I needed some positivity in my day, so I visited


While some help, I failed to find all that I needed to satisfy my need for pain and suffering for the day.

In order to get a tighter grip on my severe issues for the past week, I have rated my total overall level of pain and suffering. So monday was a 2, followed by a 10, 8, 7, 4, Saturday a 3 and Yesterday a 3. Today I was a 1 but it turned into a 4 when I found out my high numbers were effecting my job last week. Overall I was doing fine.. it just so happened to show that my excitement level had gone off into oblivion. This is what happens when you let stupid things run your life.


Also, I got to have a good conversation with an old friend (wink wink) that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I went ahead and let him get me to a 9, so in average, my week was a 5.75. Yikes, not too great if you think about it. I wish that life was much more easy, or I had a clone to do all the stupid things for me 😉


Hope this week is better!

Father’s Day Gifts: What to Get the Man who Repeatedly Abused and Abandoned You.

My thoughts EXACTLY!

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