An oldie but goodie! Made into a tattoo..

So my dad is a tattoo artist. He was pretty good at one point. He did all of mine so far. Anyways, since he has this photo of me, I thought I would share it. For those of you who checked out my feature on Broken light, this is another one taken around the same time period.. well probably within days of those.. that some people seem to find disturbing. I couldn’t imagine why (kidding) but here it is, and the tattoo that it inspired. (yes my lips are tattooed on some random creep I will never meet) Teehee.


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  1. I might be a sick person but I love this. LMAO

    • Thank you! I am not too sick of a person so don’t feel too bad! Its all fake.. learned how to make very realistic fake blood


      • OHHHHH you must share the secret only if you want that is LOL

      • Haha.. maybe….. maybe!

        Ok ok ok!

        So its corn syrup and red, BLUE AND YELLOW coloring. Cant forget the blue and yellow 😉 the rest is up to you! If you add too much or too little it wont come out right.
        You’re welcome!

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