Business woman by day, Juggalo by night…

Anyone enjoy a bit of funny irony?

Ok so not many people know this about me, but I have been into the underground music scene for a while now.. well since about 6th grade. Tons of fun, I’ll have you know. I bought me and the fiance tickets to a show that went down last night. Now, its not the show I want to write about.. its the fans 😉 Yes, ladies and gentleman, it was a full house. Packed to the brim!

Now, its not a very respected scene.. most of the kids are pretty crazy, the music is pretty out there and lets face it, lots of drunks and druggies! Its just one of those things I have been into for a long time (minus the drunk and druggie part) and don’t feel like leaving in the past.. weird enough! But it gets better. For not being respected as a young group of people, I was sitting there jammin out and I happened to look up and see this older lady.. ok now when I say old, I mean old. Like my great grandma, OLD. I also want to add, that to my knowledge (and its a small venue so you can pretty much see everything) she HAD to have been the oldest there. Quite a trip! But it gets better.

A few songs go by and I take a look up and granny (she was seated in the overhead VIP section) shes quaintly bobbing her head. Pretty cute! I forgot to mention she had her face painted (a popular thing for us to do at such a show) but hardly any of the older people paint their face. They see it as.. well.. childish or weird. Man I just couldn’t get enough of this. i have to say, I had a huge smile on my face. Anyways, I had to go in and out a few times, due to the medications I am on and my health, I get hot and dizzy pretty quickly. A few songs had gone by and the last duo came out. I look to check out granny, and this time ladies and gents, she is jammin out! Got her head going, her middle finger in the air, to one of the more vulgar songs too might I add. I couldn’t help but smile a bit bigger then.

But it doesn’t end there. Halfway into their set, I look up and granny is gone. 😦 yep, gone. I thought to myself ‘Ahh she’s tired, she went home, poor granny.’ Time goes by, people get yanked out for being either too intoxicated or too angry, people rubbing their nasty sweat on us, boobs in my fiances back.. the whole nine yards. It was quite a rowdy crowd.. but then again it usually is.

I have to admit, I had felt a sense of defeat when I saw granny had left. I felt like granny stood for a lot of things to me, one of those things being conviction. Dedicating yourself and never faltering. Bleh.

So we went up one last time, to buy me a new water because I had lasted the whole set without any water. It was crazy because by the time we came back, all of the artists were on stage doing a song together. At this point we were decently far back, but not so far back that we couldn’t see everyone on stage. My eyes scanned back and forth and I was thrilled to see GRANNY! On stage! Imagine that! I was convinced she had left and there she is jammin on stage! I couldn’t believe I was jealous of an old lady! It was awesome.. she even got a hug from one of the artists. How CUTE! I couldn’t help but share this, it was so hilarious! Talk about a good time!

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