My photography has been featured on Broken Light Photography

Check it out here! 


Thanks so much D for doing this for me! You’re awesome!


PS: Broken light Photography is a photography collective for individuals suffering from mental illness or effected by mental illness. Its very eye opening and informative. Check it out please! -Sara

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  1. Saw your profile in the photography collective & linked to your page – now following. And can I just say – MOST GORGEOUS PAGE I’VE SEEN. I see on the right you’re having a baby? Hooray, congrats, & hope you’re glowing. I also suffer from AD (the least of them, sadly), but it feels like it’s cannibalizing my mind half the time. I do hope you’re better today. I bet the baby is soothing for you (even through the stress)

    • Oh thank you so much, I hope not to confuse so so much but my sister is the one having the baby.. although its not mine, I still am very excited and have wanted a baby in my life since my youngest grew up some. Thanks so much though, I am truly glad you came by. Anxiety is horrible, I think it doesn’t help that they have me on 8 different medications because of the heart problems it has caused me. Its very scary especially when its from things that happened in the past, not what is going on currently. I started this blog to help alleviate stress and it has helped so much connecting with people like you and others from that site. Thanks again so much for the kind words, I hope to see you back often. Off to check out your blog now too 😉


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