30 day challenge day fourteen!

Day 14 – Find a photo of a house that inspires you and discuss why.

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, this is Stephen King’s home. When searching for the perfect photo of it, it was very evident that he barely gets any privacy.. no wonder the windows are all draped up! Also, this is an older photo, as the bushes by the gate have grown significantly over the fence in newer photos. This home inspires me so very much for many different reasons. First of all, He is my favorite writer. His storied grip my soul ant transport me to a place of pure ecstasy. He has never faltered despite many attempts at failure. He has made an amazing life for him and his family.. and lets face it, who wouldn’t be inspired living in a home like that!!!! Ok, so put my Victorian garden to the left and my Gothic Victorian bedroom in the top floor in the tower, and I am set! My dream home right here! I love the style, the fact that these homes are build with integrity unlike many newer homes we see today. I would love to show you all my collection of his books that grows very often. ❤ Stephen King!

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  1. This is a great photo of a house and would still be special even if someone famous din’t live in it. Good job and i hope the blog continues.

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