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  1. Gorgeous, Darling!! And your kiddies are both so happy to be taking a picture with their mom. Awwww. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 😀
    We need to connect again… Weird, I just realized I truly value your opinion. Not that it is weird to have someone value your opinion, rather it is weird that after such a short period of time I can call you a friend.
    Looking forward to reading more!
    xoxoxo – S.

    • I know how you feel I am glad to have met you! I would have replied to your email by now but I want to be able to finish it all, and I have found myself extremely busy with work, kids and my health! You’re awesome and you know it. I will be trying to do my post for the day during work but If I can’t it will for sure happen this evening while my man is at school. I value your opinion as well and was kinda worried about not seeing you around for a couple days. Hope you’re doing well!

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