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TTP today

Flippin busy work day, not time to think. Fun!

Contribution to TTP! Enjoy everyone. Go check out her blog she’s awesome!

Not Quite Lost


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Any one else want to join?? I will be starting on my birthday (Saturday) do document one year from birthday to birthday! Yay!

art blog

Challenge: Take a picture once a day, every day, for 365 days. I will be doing this through Instagram and my iPhone4. I’m hoping to publish this into a photo book in a year’s time, which will include haikus that will act as the photo’s commentary. Wanna do it too? Photojojo has some groovy guidelines you might find inspiring.

Yes, i’m aware that i’m MONTHS behind on this. My phone took a really nasty spill, and i lost at least 3 weeks worth of this project, so the next few Project366 posts are going to be playing a lot of catch up. Some were taken with a little bloggie camera in hopes i could just keep up with the pictures themselves, but the quality was so terrible that i couldn’t bring myself to continue doing it, so i’m gonna be doubling up here for about a month’s worth of…

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TTP!!! Daily muse

I can’t remember if I posted on yesterday.. I am pretty sure I didn’t (although it takes only a tiny bit of motivation to go look) so here is the one I took yesterday and the one I took today!(edit; I of course did not post it yesterday.. duh!) Hope you like! Make sure you click on them to zoom in for full effect! Much love, enjoy your beautiful day everyone!

Here’s yesterdays:

Here is today’s:

A Dotty Headbanger and Magically mad award!


Thank you Magicallymad for nominating me and Magik for this awesome award!

My first nomination goes toooooooo….

Jazz cat Jay! (and his mama!)

Check out my inspiration ❤


I hope you join me in this EXCITING news!

Drumroll please……………………. TADA. I am launching a website, for my jewelry making. Its still in its infancy, so I wont be sharing it with the world quite yet, but I wanted to let all of you know! I am excited to share this opportunity and am truly happy that I was able to do it. I hope you all enjoy when its up and running, and maybe we can do some business! 😉


Thanks to all of you who are so supportive to me!




Amazing Textures From the Magically Mad

Photo credit where credit is due! These are a submission for TTP from Thanks so much you awesome woman!! Can’t wait to post more!



TTP for today

S. is AWESOME! <3 I've been awarded! Check it out!

Thanks so much to S. who has nominated me for tons of things! I am so glad I impress her this much, thank you S. you’re awesome and have made my blogging experience sooooo worth it! Let us keep inspiring each other for greater things! Much love to you special woman! ❤

1) Thank the person who gave you this award.

2) Include a link to their blog.
– Click on the picture above to go to HER BLOG.

3) Nominate 15 bloggers who cover an array of topics for the Versatile Blogger Award.

You want versatile… Check her out! She has so much different content–

For these nominations I would like to add on a couple of extras.. Here’s to you!






Thanks to all 15 of you for being so AWESOME and thanks again to S. for the nominations!


TTP- early texture of the day

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