30 day challenge day eleven

Day 11 – Find an inspiring photo of a place you would like to live and discuss why.

  This is a photo from Holland. I don’t know why I have always wanted to visit there honestly.. its just pulled me from the first day I saw the beautiful tulips and canals.. I would love to see it in person and travel to many different places there. I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam which is just as gorgeous. I would much rather be in the plains though where there is pretty fields of flowers and green everywhere. Here is a photo of Amsterdam that I have had forever and has made me wanted to visit/ live there for many years.

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  1. If you want to… just do it someday.. we do have a beautiful country!!! 😀

    • I would but I can’t even pay rent really and haven’t been able to. Got to have money to get that ticket! Its near 2,000 bucks from where I live.. thats just the plane ticket.

      • I know it is a lot of money, I only wanted to say: don’t give up on your dream, if it is your dream… then there will be a day you WILL have enough money and make that dream come true…

      • For sure thank you for that, I know you’re right, it just seems so far away!
        Thanks again for stopping by my blog, I will be stopping by yours 😉

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