30 day blog challenge day six

Day 6 – What would your ideal day look like?

  I’m not quite sure what to make of this question, but I think I know what to write. My ideal day would be starting it with 6-8 hours of restful sleep. (Which means not waking up to go to the bathroom 5 times and being able to fall back asleep afterwards.) Waking up feeling rested and awake. Getting James up for school and him eating a big bowl of cereal. Then to take a relaxing shower, get ready for work and catch the lightrail and busses at perfect times (sometimes they are late and it makes me a little later than I want to be). Arriving at work with a whole pile of PRs to do, instead of having to scrounge around the site to find people to call. Then, for sure not technical issues with the live site itself… right now its down and I can’t do any work! The day will fly by fast, I have a good lunch that gives me a bunch of energy. David gets off at a decent time and gets here right after I get off to take me home so we can eat dinner together for once. I get home, everyone is happy, the house is clean and James had a great day at school… allllll smiley faces on his conduct sheet. There is food waiting to be cooked, and we take turns making dinner. After dinner, me and David go on a walk or run to the store (if we didn’t do it before dinner). David makes it to school on time and I sit with James while he does homework or plays Star Wars on the computer.. preferably the first thing. At 8:30, without arguing, James brushes his teeth and goes to bed. After that, I lay down, possibly nap, until David gets home at 11:45 from school. Falling asleep to do it all over again.

Only about half of these things happen. I’d love to change that soon…

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  1. Hey Sara,

    First… Eeek!! The flu brought me down and I have been sleeping for two days, so I have to bust my butt to get three posts done today! I have enjoyed reading yours though. Do you think missing two days is a failure? Can I still be successful at the endeavour of the Body & Soul 30 Day Renewal or have I pretty much screwed myself and have no hopes of feeling accomplishment at the end of this?? Ok… Freak out over.

    Second (and more importantly)…

    I love this post. Seriously, I am not saying this in the cliche, “Oh great post!” with no substance. You day sounds amazing. The most amazing part about it all is everything you have planned for your perfect day is completely achievable. I truly believe that. I know I have only known you for a short while, but honestly I think you are a wonderful and caring person and I am so happy you popped by and decided to join.

    This is weird and I can’t really explain it properly but I am going to try… Seeing that your perfect day is actually a rather mundane occurrence (I am using the word ‘mundane’ with the intention of meaning ‘everyday’ or ‘normal’ without any negative connotations.) made me realize that maybe it is more important to be content with your everyday rather than hate your daily life but have an amazing day doing weird and fun things once in a while. You can find your perfect day in everyday. That is so beautiful to me.

    Unfortunately, my first sentence of this post reads something like “My perfect day would start with me waking up refreshed with no pain, and without the mental haze and fatigue caused by meds, after getting at least four solid hours of sleep the night before.” But I don’t want to start the post on a gloomy note. I don’t want to start my imaginings in a place that is unattainable unless my body cooperates. There is nothing I can do to make my pain go away. Other than what I am already doing. But I digress. Suffice to say that your honesty and genuineness reached out and grabbed me today.

    I really love this post. I love that you have some of these things in your life already. And I love that the things that aren’t present at this moment can be worked for and attained. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    xo – S.

    • Thank you so very much, I really appreciate your words, you yourself seem to be a truly awesome person, and more and more each day! I am glad I found you on this vast sea of blogs because to be honest with you It seemed a bit overwhelming and a bit much to begin with. I am overjoyed by your comment because it is so thoughtful and real, I myself know its sometimes hard to say something that means anything to the person your writing it to. For me, I feel like when I do the “awesome post” or “this is awesome” its because my brain is too busy to slow down and actually take it in, think about it, and respond accordingly. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking my words so deeply. This is what I wanted when I started this blog, even though I never intended it towards other people but only myself. You are awesome! Oh and in regards to failing at the challenge because of being sick, wasn’t it you the other day who told me that it was ok, to take it at my own pace… to make it mine? Well I say as long as you complete the challenges and do the posts whether on the right or wrong day, you still did it, it still meant something to you and it means something to me! Thank you so much for being here… your presence is a blessing.

      I will be trying my hardest to get some time to email you tonight.. I would love to talk privately.

      XOXO! Sara

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