30 day blog challenge day five

Day 5 – Define what is important to you in terms of a significant relationship.

Well there are many things that make a relationship significant to me. Number one, is trust.. not really that they can trust in me, but that I can trust in them. It feels so selfish of me to say that, but its very true. I am confident in the person I am and that I can show someone I am trustworthy but its not always the case with others. (When I say these things I am talking about all relationships, not just marital/ sexual ones) Number two, I believe is kindness. If you give someone as much kindness as possible and all you get in return is attitude or spite, I’m going to want to return in the same way. Not that I try to.. it just happens. I am a huge fan of the phrase “treat others the way you want to be treated” and I stand by it. If I am treated with disrespect, I will return disrespect.. or at least no longer expect you to respect me. The third thing I think is important is that this person is willing to work with you through any tough times that may come their way. I am not a huge fan of weak hearted people because I am not one myself. I need strong people in my life because weakness only brings me down.

In a personal relationship, like mine and David’s, it is important that we are able to communicate. Even if something comes up that were frustrated about either with each other or with other people, we are able to talk about it and get past it. Talking and thinking things through TOGETHER is key. If there is only one side to the relationship it is doomed to fail.


                                                                                 2 Aprils ago..

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