30 day challenge day four

Day 4 – What is the earliest (or most vivid) memory you have as a child?

My earliest memory as a child was pretty simple and I think one of my favorites. It’s living in (what to me at the time) was a giant white house in Kansas. I had a little red electric car that I went everywhere on. I couldn’t go too far but I was able to cross a street and not fear being hit by a car. It was a peaceful neighborhood, we had an older neighbor who I loved to bug, but for the life of me cannot remember if it was an old man or old woman. My sister was still a baby so I remember playing by myself a lot. Other memories I have of that house are, the giant pool in the back yard.. the playhouse thing.. and the hail storm. Shortly before we moved out of that house there was a decently severe tornado in town (Wichita) and me, my mom and sister had ran to the store to get some food. By the time we got home, there was a field of giant hail on our yard and we didn’t even have shoes on. My father came from the side of the house that led to the backyard, in boxers with something over his head, to run and help my mom get us inside safely.We spent a significant amount of time in the basement after that.. all of our windows were smashed in and my parent’s truck looked like it had been shot up by an Ak-47. Judging by what I remember and have been told, it was softball sized hail. It was brutal! Recently (in Aug of last year) our father brought me, James and my sister to Kansas for a family birthday/ reunion type thing and we stopped by that house… Here’s a picture ❤

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