30 day blog challenge day three

Day 3 – Discuss what is holding you back from embracing change.

Ahh the topic of change. Honestly, I have had more problems embracing change in the past an I do now. All my life is, is change. I don’t  think there was a single year or moment that I wasn’t contemplating some sort of change  or needing to change something. (I hate my keyboard at home for example. Its wireless and the connection sucks! I need an old school-connects to the computer- keyboard) Over the past year my life has evolved from a tiny bud to a field of flowers.. simply by embracing change and allowing my life to go where it needs to go. Basically I have done the most changing in the past year than I have done my whole life. People have come in and out of it, custody of my child was taken from me, I lost a job and found a job… and many other things you will learn about in the next 27 days. Change isn’t just Obama’s’ slogan, its a way of life and if you don’t embrace change, what are you living for?

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