30 day challenge day two

Day 2 – Discuss your favorite parts of your personality.

This is pretty interesting. So when I think about my personality, I think about how I am very helpful to people, I try to make a difference in their lives. I have always been the type of person that wanted to make other people smile and bring light into their days no matter how crappy it was. I also know that when I get upset its usually hard for me to show happiness or excitement.. I’m not good at faking it. Lately I have been working through this and getting better about it. I’m a hard worker. When I set my mind to something I try my hardest to get it done (sometimes my hardest isn’t very hard, and I usually end up feeling disappointed in myself) I end up upset with myself more than with other people. If I feel like I have failed I take it out on myself with brute force. I’m my own worst critic.. sometimes when I haven’t even failed I feel like I have. I love very deeply! When I tell you I love you I mean it and there is no doubting it. For some reason the love I feel is so much deeper than my heart. I take it to the soul!

I’m not really a people person.. I have been working on that. I don’t have many friends because I focus on myself so much I neglect the relationships. My kids are amazing to me.. they are my best and my worst asset. I can’t stress enough how much I love them. All I think about is my family and kids so I am very dedicated.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.. I suppose I will edit if I think of anything else.

2nd photo in a series of 3

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  1. I missed you today, Dolly! I say this not to pressure you, but because I was looking forward to reading it! 😛
    xo – S.

    • I was so tired I slept till 2:00 and my son is visiting. Not excuses but my day was very busy after I woke up. I will catch up I didn’t want to miss a day

      • No worries, honestly. You can post as frequently as you find convenient. There are only you me and two others participating daily and I just missed you!
        How old is your son??
        xo – S.

      • I have two sons (they are both under my photography tab) My youngest is 5 the one I was talking about, and my oldest is 8, They both have birthdays coming up

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