Need some help! Comments please

I have played with this photo forever! Can’t decide which I like better… I would love your opinion.

Picture one

Picture Two

HELP!!! Idk what to do which one to keep!!! AHHHH


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  1. Kelsae Skye Photography

    I like the first one better! But they are both great.

  2. I’d say it depends on what your trying to convey with the photo. The first has a lot more detail. It’s warmer and gives a sense of the beauty of nature.

    The second is a lot more bleak. the cold silhouette of the tree is striking and the sky holds it together nicely.

  3. Depends on what mood and emotion you are trying to convey. But I like #1!

  4. Probably the first one; try changing the second to pure black & white (w/o the blue tint) and playing w/ the contrast some. Maybe try dropping the saturation on the first one, at least enough to remove the orange from the tree, unless that is your intent or you like it.

    Just random thoughts from a random blogger

    • Thanks I really do appreciate the input. I am no where near pro and these were taken on a 10mega pixel cybershot so it limits my options I think. I can’t wait to get a nice dslr camera.

      • I have learned that it’s not the equipment, but the user, that causes a photo to be great. Equipment helps, but if you don’t know how to use it, you can have the best camera and have worse photos than a camera phone. Keep learning, analyzing great photos, and practicing!

        I’m pretty new to being serious about photography and have a long way to go, too!

      • Sure but with this simple shot I have, Its hard to get clear photos all of the time that do not look grainy. I would like to have at least 15 megapixels Ya know?

      • It’s not the mega pixels, it’s the lens and sensor quality. I have some really good photos shot on an 8mp camera. But yes, a DSLR will really allow you to open up your creative side when you learn to use it 🙂 You can start w/ a used camera, off of Craigslist or similar. One that is a generation or two old can still allow you to take great photos w/o too much initial cost. Plus the lenses will still work when you can upgrade the body. The lenses make more of a difference in quality than the camera body.

      • That makes sense but I don’t think the cybershot allows for lense change.. hehe yeah I need to save up for something thats for sure!

      • If you love photography (which it’s evident you do), it’s worth the money! Worth even getting some extra work or part-time job temporally, IMO. But be careful; buying lenses/accessories is addictive! 🙂 Good luck to ya!

      • Haha I believe you! Thanks for the luck!

  5. I like both photos. But my favorite is the monochrome less is more. Good day Nonoy Manga

  6. I’m drawn to two because it looks more natural. I am also someone who struggles with depression so that may affect my view. Probably something in the middle would be the best of both worlds.

    • Perfect perspective. The more comments I receive the more and more I grow to love them both equally. I felt the same morose feeling from two that drew me to it profoundly. Thanks

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