Mis Gatos!

AHhhh so inspiration comes in many ways… and shapes… and sizes. I introduce you all to MAGIK! THE MAGIK! The runner of the show.. my kitty beautiful man.

I honestly cannot say that I have ever loved a cat more than Magik. He’s awesome, like a tiny person! He has such a personality and if you met him you would for sure agree.. even if you don’t like cats..

I also took some of Zeppelin, Magiks lover.. I mean papa. He pretty much raised Magik from kittenhood. Zep is my sisters Kat.

My mom requested I grab a few of Mase, her cat, as he is getting old.. 14years to be exact, and she wants some good memory photos of him.

Here is the full list of photos. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. great pictures! if my cousin who loves cats sees these, she would definitely go crazy!

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